Messenger Broadcasts

Re-engage your customers in Messenger

Send broadcast messages to your Messenger subscribers to re-engage them and bring them back to your site.

Why Messenger?

Send messages that will get read.

1.3 billion users


80-90% open rates

4-10x conversion rate

How it works

1. Customers opt in

Your website visitors can opt-in to receive Messenger messages from you in multiple ways:

2. Send a broadcast message

Select all Messenger subscribers or a segment, compose a simple message, add a link and hit send.

Maisie will send out your message for you.

Maisie integrates deeply into your eCommerce software

Maisie is designed specifically for eCommerce use cases.
Easily install the Maisie App on your eCommerce platform to see the benefits.

Available now! Try it free.

Available now! Try it free.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Send a broadcast message today!

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