Messenger Abandoned Cart Rescue Bot

Recover more abandoned carts

Get customers back to complete their purchase by sending them personalized checkout reminder messages in Facebook Messenger.

Why use Messenger?

Boost your email cart recovery efforts with Maisie’s Messenger Bot.

1.3 billion users


80-90% open rates

4-10x conversion rate

How it works

1. Customer opts in

Your website visitors simply check the Messenger opt-in checkbox that Maisie inserts beneath your add to cart button on your product pages.

Opting in is frictionless – no email addresses to type, no forms to fill out.

2. Customer receives reminder messages

Maisie sends your opted-in customers a personalized checkout reminder message if they don’t complete their purchase after adding items to their shopping cart.

Maisie will send a follow-up message 24 hours later if they don’t take action.

3. Customer completes purchase

Your customers click on the link in their message and are directed back to their shopping cart to complete their purchase.

Another sale for you. Ka-ching!

Maisie integrates deeply into your eCommerce software

Maisie is designed specifically for eCommerce use cases.
Easily install the Maisie App on your eCommerce platform to see the benefits.

Available now! Try it free.

Available now! Try it free.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Win back more abandoned carts today!