Maisie Messenger Marketing Bot

Drive more sales with Facebook Messenger

Fast growing stores use Maisie’s Messenger bot to drive increased customer engagement, loyalty and revenue.

Supercharge your marketing with Messenger

Connect with consumers where they spend most of their time – in messaging apps like Messenger.

1.3 billion users


80-90% open rates

4-10x conversion rate

Maisie is your Messenger marketing bot

Maisie automates your marketing on Facebook Messenger.

Boost your abandoned cart recovery

Maisie helps you recover abandoned carts and convert them into sales by automatically sending personalized checkout reminder messages to your customers in Facebook Messenger.

Messenger is better than email at rescuing lost sales – with 80-90% open rates and 4-10x the conversion rate of email.

Grow your Messenger audience

Maisie helps you automatically build a subscriber list to re-engage and re-market to your customers in Facebook Messenger. Grow your audience with our website popup, add to cart checkbox and orders & shipping Messenger button.

Choose our Subscribe to Messenger popup or add Maisie to your Justuno or Privy popups.

Increase customer happiness

Maisie helps you keep your customers happy and reduces your support costs by automatically sending order confirmation, shipping confirmation and other transactional messages to your customers in Messenger.

Re-engage your customers with Messenger broadcasts

Send broadcast messages to your Messenger subscribers to re-engage them and bring them back to your site. You can send different messages to different customer segments.

Start increasing your sales with Messenger today!

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