What messages can be sent using Messenger broadcasts?

Please note: before you can send free subscription messages you must have received approval to do so directly from Facebook. To apply to Facebook follow our instructions here.

So you’ve started growing your Facebook Messenger subscriber list. Great! Naturally your next step is to want to start sending messages to re-engage your subscribers in Messenger.

One of the most common questions we get asked is about the type of messages that can be sent to Facebook Messenger subscribers using Maisie’s broadcast feature.

Unfortunately, unlike email, you can’t send any type of message you like. Facebook is justifiably concerned about Messenger becoming a spam-fest like email, which in turn would discourage consumers from using Messenger and/or engaging with businesses on Messenger. Bad for you, bad for your customers and very bad for Facebook.

Message types

Facebook currently offers three types of messages that you may send to people who opt-in to your Facebook Messenger bot:

  1. Subscription messages (free) – you may send messages at any time but these messages must not be promotional in nature (e.g. news, blog posts, etc).
  2. Standard messages (free) – you may send one message within 24 hours of a person sending you a message or opting-in to receive messages via a web plug-in on your website (e.g. the Maisie Abandoned Cart Rescue plug-in). After the 24-hour time limit has expired you may send only one additional message unless the person messages you back, in which case the counter resets. There are exceptions to this rule for account type messages like order and shipping updates, event reminders, payment & account updates, etc.
  3. Sponsored messages (paid) – this is a message (marked ‘Sponsored’) that can be sent to all, or a segment of, people who have open conversations with your Messenger bot. Facebook charges an advertising fee for these types of messages but they can be a very effective investment to re-engage inactive subscribers.

Non-promotional message examples

Maisie’s message broadcast feature enables you to send free subscription messages to all of your subscribers or specific segments of subscribers based upon gender, location or how and when your customer subscribed.

However, we understand that it can be challenging to craft non-promotional messages in a retail environment. The key point here is that you should ideally be creating content on a regular basis for your site and social channels so that you are engaging with customers rather than just trying to sell to them. No one likes to be sold to, right?

Here are some ideas for messages you could send:

  • A new blog post
  • A new product video
  • A new how-to video
  • A new podcast
  • Opening a new store
  • A VIP event
  • A quiz
  • A webinar

Remember that Messenger is very different to email – it’s meant to be conversational – so keep your messages short, sharp and sweet.

What happens if you send a promotional message?

If Facebook decides that you are sending promotional messages for free they may decide to block you from sending further subscription messages until you can convince them you’ll do the right thing.

Unfortunately Facebook is not entirely clear on what constitutes promotional and non-promotional messages beyond the very obvious so your best judgment is required.