Sell more with bot-powered conversations

eCommerce companies use Maisie bots to increase conversion, engagement and loyalty via automated one-to-one conversations at scale.

Maisie is your conversational sales assistant

Stop sending your customers to an unmanned store and wondering why they don’t buy. With Maisie you can help your customers to purchase by engaging them in chatbot-powered conversations both onsite and in messaging apps.

Maisie is designed for fast growing eCommerce stores


Grow multi-channel subscriber lists

Grow your Facebook Messenger, SMS and email subscriber lists faster with conversational opt-ins, dynamic wishlists, onpage opt-in buttons and checkboxes and website popups.


Reduce abandonment & boost conversion

Increase your onsite purchase conversion rates with page, trigger and rule-based chatbot notifications and conversation starters. Make personalized buy now offers based on visitor behavior and basket size. Collect feedback on reasons for non-purchase.


Recover more lost sales

Re-market to non-purchasers after they have left your site with multi-channel reminders and notifications sent to your customers’ preferred communications channels – Facebook Messenger, SMS or email.




Improve customer loyalty

Delight your customers with a better, more personalized experience. Welcome customers by name, keep them up-to-date with their order status, answer common questions, give them loyalty incentives and help them discover new products on your website and in Facebook Messenger.

 Engage in conversations across the customer journey onsite and offsite

Keep connected to your customers after they leave your site wherever they prefer to engage – in messaging apps, SMS or email.

Maisie integrates deeply into your eCommerce software

Maisie is designed specifically for eCommerce use cases.

Easily install the Maisie App on your eCommerce platform to see the benefits.

Available now! Try it free.

Available now! Try it free.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Coming soon. Get notified.

Start selling more today!

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