Instantly engage your shoppers across their buying journey.

Maisie is the conversational engagement platform preferred by fast growing e-commerce retailers to increase conversion, capture more leads and reduce support costs .


eCommerce use cases


Product discovery

List building

Coupons & discounts

Help & support

Cart abandonment

Browsing abandonment

Back in stock

Orders & shipping

Maisie is your automated sales & support assistant

You can’t be there for your customers 24/7/365. Maisie can.

Convert more browsers into buyers

Make it easier for your website visitors to purchase by automatically helping them find suitable products and get answers to questions about your business and your products.

Help customers find suitable products

Help your website visitors choose products that meet their needs with automated conversational quizzes.

Answer pre-sales questions

Remove barriers to purchase by automatically responding to common questions about your products and your business.

Offer incentives to complete purchase

Automatically offer customers about to abandon checkout incentives like discounted coupons or free shipping if they complete their purchase immediately.

Recover abandoned carts

Automatically send Messenger or SMS checkout reminder messages to customers who leave your site without purchasing.

Capture more leads

Make opting-in a natural part of the conversation. Let your customers choose the channel they prefer – email, Messenger or SMS.

Send price drop notifications

Capture email, Messenger or SMS details and automatically send your customers a notification if the price of the product they were looking at drops.

Save and send shopping carts

Save your customers’ shopping carts and send them a link via email, Messenger or SMS so they can come back later and complete their purchase.

Offer discount coupons

Offer discount coupons to incentivize new visitors to subscribe for updates via email, Messenger or SMS.

Reduce support costs

Automatically respond real-time to customer queries 24/7/365 so you can focus on growing your business.

Provide order & shipping status updates

Send order confirmation and shipping updates via Messenger and SMS. Automatically respond to order status queries on your website.

Answer post-sales queries

Automatically respond to questions about product setup and installation, returns, warranties, etc.

Launch your chatbots in minutes. No coding required.

  • Edit our pre-built conversation flow templates or create your own
  • Display different conversation flows for different pages and new vs returning visitors
  • Trigger conversations based on business rules like time on page, exit intent, cart value, shipping times

Designed for fast growing
eCommerce stores

Easily install the Maisie App on your eCommerce platform to see the benefits.

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Available now! Try it free.

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Coming soon. Get notified.

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